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Repatriation of Human Remains

Repatriation Of Human Remains From Singapore

We offer various services to deliver human remains back to the home country. Our services are inclusive of, but not limited to the following:

  • Collecting the human remains for embalming and encoffin purposes
  • Sorting relevant paperwork for the permit to export the coffin
  • Manage all logistics required to deliver the human remains back to the home country

What Are The Steps To Bring Back The Human Remains Of A Loved One From A Foreign Country?

To bring home the human remains of your loved ones from a different country, generally, you will have to take the following measures:

  • Acquire the death certificate of the deceased from the foreign country
  • Register the death of the deceased at the country’s Singapore embassy
  • Find a local funeral director in the foreign country to sort the outbound logistics of the repatriation
  • Engage the services of a funeral director in your country to manage the inbound logistics of the repatriation
Union Casket Services

Repatriation Of Human Remains

The departure of a loved one can put a family in tremendous pain and grief, more so if the unfortunate incident happens overseas. Bringing home the human remains of your departed loved ones is a complicated and tedious process. This is when you would require repatriation services.

Casket Union’s Repatriation Services

We have a team of experts who can handle the logistics of the inbound and outbound repatriation process in Singapore.

Repatriation Of Human Remains From Singapore

The following are among the inbound repatriation services we offer:

  • Managing all logistics and paperwork to make sure the human remains of your loved one are allowed into Singapore with no further delay
  • Planning and conducting funeral and burial or cremating

What Are The Documents Required For Repatriation?

The documentation may vary for every country, but generally, a permit is necessary before the casket of your departed loved one can leave a country. To apply for the permit, you will require the death certificate, the embalming, and encoffin certificate of the deceased.

The repatriation process can get very complicated and agitating for a grieving family. At Union Casket, we recognise the importance of a smooth and fast repatriation procedure. We ensure the human remains of your loved one arrive at or leave Singapore with ease and save your family from undue distress and further suffering.