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Free Thinker Funeral Service

OUR Personalised funerals

Free Thinker Funeral Service

As free-thinkers do not have a fixed belief in any religion, there are no set procedures for a funeral process held for free-thinkers. They can be flexible and fully customisable by the bereaved family.

Funeral package for Free Thinker

  • One premium wood casket.
  • Collecting the body of the deceased from the mortuary / home.
  • Embalming & dressing for the deceased.
  • Sending the deceased to the place of wake after cleaning.
  • Photograph enlargement.
  • Floral wreaths.
  • Tentage setup, round tables, square tables & chairs.
  • Air coolers.
  • Ceiling fans, standing fans, general lighting & wiring.
  • Premium Mercedes Benz Glass Hearse On Funeral Day.
  • Premium tablecloths & seat cover.
  • Cremation fee.
  • Ash collection services.
  • Mobile toilet.