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Christian Funeral Service

OUR Personalised funerals

Christian Funeral Service Package

Our experienced Funeral Director can help you with the funeral planning process and communicate on your behalf with the church pastors and priests, depending on whether your loved ones prefer a quiet night prayer service or a joyful celebration of the life they had spent on earth.

In addition, the family can ask their pastor or trusted friends to deliver the eulogy and several speeches to honour the deceased for having lived his life for God.

Funeral package for Christian

  • One half glass premium wood casket.
  • Collecting the body of the deceased from the mortuary/home.
  • Embalming & dressing for the deceased.
  • Sending the deceased to the place of wake after embalming.
  • Photograph enlargement.
  • Floral wreaths.
  • Tentage setup, round tables, square tables & chairs.
  • Air coolers.
  • Ceiling fans, standing fans, general lighting & wiring.
  • Christian backdrop & setup.
  • Bus on funeral day
  • Glass hearse on funeral day.
  • Cremation fee
  • Ash collection services.
  • Mobile toilet.