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Buddhist Funeral

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Buddhist Funeral Service Package

Buddhism favours ceremonies that are straightforward and sombre. Buddhist monks are hired to oversee the ritual, during which they will read sermons and conduct chants or sutras (Buddhist funeral prayers) throughout the funeral. Chanting is thought to help remove the deceased’s negative karma. Families believe in doing good deeds to ensure a prosperous afterlife for their loved ones.

Typically, the funeral will last for a minimum of 3 to 5 days, depending on the family member’s desires.

Funeral package for Buddhist

  • One half glass premium wood casket.
  • Collecting the body of the deceased from the mortuary/home.
  • Embalming & dressing for the deceased.
  • Sending the deceased to the place of wake after embalming.
  • Photograph enlargement.
  • Floral wreaths.
  • Tentage setup, round tables, square tables & chairs.
  • Air coolers.
  • Ceiling fans, standing fans, general lighting & wiring.
  • LED Buddhist lighting.
  • Premium LED Buddhist backdrop & setup.
  • Bus on funeral day
  • Premium Mercedes Benz Glass Hearse On Funeral Day.
  • Premium tablecloths & seat cover.
  • Cremation fee
  • Vegetarian food offering for the deceased.
  • Premium Revered Buddhist Monk Prayers.
  • Ash collection services.
  • Mobile toilet.

Ceremonial Items:

  • Lotus Blanket (莲花被)​
  • Afterlife Blacket ( 往生被)
  • Pillowcase & Pillow
  • Paper Ancestral Tablet
  • Small & Big Joss Stick
  • Lotus Candle
  • Red Candle
  • Incense Coils
  • Incense Pots
  • Incense Powder
  • Cotton Roll For Encoffing Of Deceased
  • Paper Umbrella
  • Red Plate & Red Cloth For Ash Collection
  • LED Battery Lamp
  • Straw Mats For Prayer
  • Deceased Toiletries
  • Sock For Family Member On Funeral Day
  • Oil & Oil Glasses
  • White Pearl