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Personalised Funeral Services

Personalised funerals


Every family has their unique customs and beliefs. Which is why our trained professionals will use their expertise to fulfil all your requests and wishes for the funeral arrangements of your departed loved ones. As a professional at our funeral parlour in Singapore, our Funeral Director aims to respond and reply to our clients directly, resolve any issues that arise quickly and take care of the needs of your grieving loved ones when planning or arranging a funeral.

Call us to discuss your ideas for a memorable occasion that would be reasonably priced for your loved ones who have passed away. In accordance with your preferences and requirements, we provide various religious funeral packages, including burial or sea burial options.

We stand ready to assist you!

Feel free to call us anytime. Rest assured, we’re here for you and your family.

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Our Funeral Services consists of :

Buddhist Funeral Package
Christian Funeral Package
Nichiren Shoshu Funeral Package
Free thinker Funeral Package
Taoist Funeral Package