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How Much Does Exhumation In Singapore Cost?

Exhumation cost in Singapore begins at SD$800. It varies depending on the services included in the exhumation service package.

What Is The Process Involved In Exhumation?

Generally, a grave exhumation process will include the following steps:

  • Visiting the burial site to determine the chances of recovery
  • Selecting an auspicious date and time for the relocation, according to the deceased’s family’s religious practices
  • Applying for an exhumation permit
  • Planning and conducting religious rituals and ceremonies
  • Performing the actual exhumation
  • Cremating the remains of the deceased
  • Transporting and delivering the remains of the cremation

Our funeral director will usually visit the recovery site before beginning the entire process of the exhumation to determine the cost involved and guide you through the planning and the execution. We also offer an impressive collection of exquisite marble urns for you to choose from, to store the remains of your departed loved ones.

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What Is Exhumation?

The word exhumation comes from the Latin word exhumare, which means ‘out of the ground’.

In simple terms, exhumation is the process of relocating your departed loved ones’ grave or removing the deceased’s remains from the grave after a specific period. In Singapore, the burial policy requires exhumation to be done within 15 years of burial.

This means that, at the 15th year mark, the buried coffin of the deceased must be lifted off the grave.

What Happens After Exhumation?

Once the coffin is exhumed, any human remains will be cremated. The cremation remains will then be sorted based on your family’s wishes or religious requirements.

In Singapore, you can opt to store the remains of the cremation at a government or a private columbarium. The government bears the cost of niche at a government columbarium, but the urn and marble slab will be sold based on the material’s quality. On the other hand, at a private columbarium, the deceased’s family members have to bear all costs.

There is also an option for you to scatter the cremation remains of your departed loved ones into the sea after the exhumation.

At Union Casket, we offer an impressive range of exquisite marble urns to store the cremation remains of your departed loved ones. We also guide you through the process to ensure the proper relocation of the deceased.

Get in touch with us today to know more about our exhumation services.