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Embalming & Make Up

Union Casket Services

Embalming & Make Up

The art and science of embalming involve treating the remains to delay decomposition to preserve them. Typically, the goal is to preserve the deceased for future medical use or to make them presentable for private or public viewing as part of the burial ceremony.

The Benefits Of Embalming Makeup

  • Delays the body’s decomposition.
  • A longer window of time for the last visit from friends and family.
  • Additional viewing time.
  • Extra time for reconstructive procedures to ensure the body is acceptable.
  • Allows the family and friends to spend more time with their loved one before the final send off giving them greater comfort.

What is Included

Basic care

Basic grooming will be done for the hair and nails. Unwanted hair will be plucked out with tweezers, and brows will be touched up. With the exception of the deceased who regularly shaved their face and had a beard, we advise opting for a natural appearance.

Men and women should maintain their natural beauty.


We use a concealer to cover any imperfections. The concealer will be applied to the face, neck or hand.


We use an airbrush to apply a thick foundation to the face. Then we begin with the forehead and work our way down to the nose and cheeks. We will reduce the amount of application on the collar and neck. To avoid staining the clothing, we use the foundation with caution.


We will use lipstick after applying the lip liner. For men, we try to keep to a neutral colour but for women, we will apply their regular shade. A napkin will be used to dab over the lips lightly to seal the colour. Lastly, we will use blotting powder with a brush to help the lip colour last longer.

Eye Makeup

To fill in the brows, we will lightly use an eyebrow pencil then give the eyelids some natural colour shading.


To fix any apparent flaws, we will evenly distribute the blot powder on the hands, face, and neck.