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Funeral Planning

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Funeral Planning

Planning a funeral has never been easy, especially if you’ve never planned a funeral before. It is a daunting task, as there are many aspects you need to consider and decide on – from arranging the funeral wake to the burial or cremation of your departed loved one.

At Union Casket, we’re ready to assist you with funeral planning. Having experts to rely on will relieve you and your family of the difficulties of preparing the needful for a trouble-free and organised funeral.

Here are some aspects of planning a funeral we’ll guide you through.

Organising the funeral

There is no one right way to organise a funeral. Each religion and family have differing beliefs and traditions. Not to mention, the deceased’s desires and last wishes.

The funeral directors at Union Casket are equipped with years of experience and knowledge to dutifully advise and organise the funeral practices of the following religions:

  • Buddhists
  • Christians
  • Nichiren Shoshu
  • Taoist
  • Free-thinkers

Selecting a casket

Selecting and purchasing the right casket holds many deep sentimental values for most families. A casket is the last gift you’re giving your departed loved ones, which is why you must give it the attention and consideration it deserves. Not to mention, it is a form of respect you’re paying for the deceased.

At Union Casket, we recognise the value of obtaining a gratifying casket for the deceased. We offer a range of caskets, from basic to premium quality. We cater to your preference, budget, and religious requirements.

Deciding a suitable venue for the funeral wake

The following factors usually determine the selection of a suitable venue for the funeral wake:

  • The size of your budget
  • Your family’s preference and convenience
  • The number of people you’re expecting would visit to pay their last respect
  • The number of days you’re planning to conduct the wake
  • The deceased’s desires or last wishes

If you’re planning to conduct the wake for several days, you must choose a location you can lock up safely.

Here are a few venues you can consider for the funeral wake.

The void deck of your HDB flat

This is a common option for families in Singapore as they’re very convenient and affordable. However, you have to get a special permit from your Town Council to hold a funeral wake in the void deck of your HDB flat.

Your House

You can arrange for the funeral wake to be held in the comfort of your home if it is spacious to fit the number of visitors and to store the ceremonial items. If you’re going to use part of the road to install a tent or marquees, you must apply for a permit from the Urban Redevelopment Authority or the Traffic Police.

Funeral Parlour

Funeral parlours are a more expensive option, but they provide better and more accommodating facilities. Plus, funeral parlours can be safely locked at night, so you don’t have to worry about staying awake all night and getting enough rest during this trying time.

Planning the actual funeral ceremony

For the actual funeral ceremony, you must consider a suitable religious house and a skilled and experienced officiant (monk, priest, etc.) to perform the final rites.

The funeral ceremony usually involves many religious and traditional practices. In exceptional instances where the deceased have expressed their last wishes or desires, unique measures also have to be performed.

These need organised coordination to avoid confusion among family members and friends. An experienced funeral director can guide you through the funeral ceremony’s arrangement, planning, and coordination.

Other services for a complete funeral planning
Union Casket goes the extra mile to ensure a fulfilling funeral is planned for your departed loved ones.

Apart from the services mentioned above, we offer several other services you can opt for to plan a complete funeral service:

Floral arrangements

Food catering


Continental Hearse

Bus Services